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Best Tips to Stay Motivated and Lose Weight

Identify your targets


Knowing your goals is crucial because they can help you keep going even when you don’t feel like it. These achievable, time-based targets should be pinned to your corkboard, mirror, or refrigerator so you can always be reminded to live a healthier lifestyle. After all, staying healthy and fit can lead to loss of extra pounds, toned muscles, and stronger bones. Ensure that you don’t just set your goals per day or month—you should make them happen. Nothing can be accomplished if you keep procrastinating workout routines or small changes in your eating habits. Remember, the sooner you become healthier, the sooner you can lose weight.

Exercise with a partner

Stay motivated by working out and losing weight with a partner! It could be a friend, a lover, or a family member. I suggest you look for someone who has the same goals as you so you could work with each other well. If a pair activity isn’t something you’d want, perhaps you’d consider working with a group instead, with more people to encourage you to achieve your objectives. Aside from acquiring motivation from the people you exercise with, you’ll be able to inspire them to keep going too!

Keep track of your progress

belly woman fat lose weight

Don’t forget to list down your achievements per week or per month. Knowing you’re achieving small targets can help you stay inspired to eat healthier, do more push-ups, lift more weights, so on and so forth. Checking out or striking through written goals are also an efficient way to keep you motivated because you can visibly see what you’ve already accomplished. Don’t forget to check your weight every week too! Losing even just one pound can help you be more consistent because you know your hard work is paying off.

Purchase healthy food only


Don’t buy junk food or food with lots of sugar! If you’re going to buy from the supermarket, you must avoid the aisles in the middle where chocolates and chips are located. Do your best to stay only on the sides where veggies, fruits, and meat are found. Remember, it would be nearly impossible for you to consume junk foods if you never bought some in the first place. If you can, do grow your own food and enjoy the health benefits of home-grown food.

Purchase new workout clothes


If none of the previous tips worked out for you, then I’m confident that this one will. Once you’ve achieved one major goal you’ve set for the month, buy a new exercise outfit. It could be a shirt or a short, as long as you can be comfortable wearing it while you work out. Wearing new clothes will excite you and increase your self-esteem too, which is an excellent way to reach your goals and lose weight faster.



Be mentally healthy too! Try painting—this activity has tons of unexpected mental benefits.

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