Why You Need to Start Drinking Organic Juices

Did you know that there’s more to juicing than you know? Extracting fresh juice from fruits and vegetables using masticating juicers sure is healthy, but the health benefits shouldn’t end there. People who see the value of organic foods take one more step towards a healthier lifestyle—juicing organic fruits and veggies only.

Why Are Organic Juices Better Than Non-Organic Ones?

Organic fruits and veggies don’t contain GMOs.

green-juiceGenetically modified organisms or GMOs are plants that have been mixed with different genetic materials through traditional cross-breeding or in an unnatural process. Some crops are combined with bacteria so that they can create their own insecticide called Bt-toxin. This is bad for the lungs and the entire body as well. In fact, research shows that it can damage human cell membranes too.

Organic juices offer more nutrients.

Organic foods have less to almost zero exposure to herbicides, insecticides, synthetic fertilizers, and fungicides. Because of this, they are more nutritious. Compared to non-organic foods, they contain more iron, phosphorous, magnesium, and vitamin C. They also give ample antioxidants, fluids, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, trace proteins, enzymes, and fats. This is why drinking organic juices makes us feel energized in an instant.

Organic juices help us eliminate old eating habits.

Drinking organic juices will be useless if we still eat foods that contain lots of sugar and preservatives. If we want a healthier body, we’d drink only organic juices and eat only healthy foods.

Organic juices promote a better environment for all.


Unlike non-organic foods, organic ones are products of organic farming practices which help conserve water and improve soil quality. Organic juices from these healthy foods are way more beneficial because they don’t only encourage a healthier lifestyle, but also a healthier planet.

Organic juices are more effective in helping our body fight diseases.

If we drink organic juices every day, we’ll see the results in no time. We’ll notice that we’re always energized, we feel better all the time, and that our bodies are becoming more and more resistant to diseases.


Organic juices will help us combat inflammation which causes pains and aches. These healthy juices can also help us reach the appropriate weight for our age, stop muscle cramps and spasms, stay away from allergies, balance our hormones, strengthen our immune systems, and enhance our nervous systems.

We’ll even have healthier hair and skin. Acid reflux will also lessen, and phlegm and congestion will start to clear. Drinking organic juices help our digestive system operate better, making it easy for us to defecate.

Indeed, there’s more to organic juices that we could ever imagine.

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